Protect your mixing console from foreign elements and dust, made of water proof cordura fabric. You can easily fold the cover when stowed. 
​Back flap and velcro strap can be adjusted for USB connectors on rear panel. Fits with or without acrylic cover.

Available for the ...
* Sound Devices CL-9
* Sound Devices CL-12
* Yamaha 01V
* Zoom FRC-8
The Windbreaker is a high quality fleece cover designed to go over the microphone softie or super softie for better wind protection while keeping the outdoor elements such as moisture, dust, and sand away from the microphone.
Made of Polartec fleece fabric, the Windbreaker is acoustically transparent while giving you a better wind protection up to 16MPH. The Windbreaker is light and compact, ideal for ENG applications where carrying a bulky zeppelin may not be feasible.

Snap On Rack Panels

 Mixing console dust  covers


Keeping your softie clean and dry is the main purpose of our product. Each Windbreaker is treated with 3M Scotchgurad fabric water repellant spray to help sustain light to moderate rain in the field. 

Introducing our new product line, the Snap On Rack panels  are soft panels made of Cordura fabric and mesh for ventilation. The panels come with snap hardware that mounts to any 19” rack rail. Key features of innovative Snap On Rack Panels:
-Light weight than any other panel on the market
-Easy access to internal components
-Clean, uncluttered fascia 
The Snap On Rack Panels are the same size as standard single space, 2R, 3R, 4R in solid or mesh fabric for ventilation.

Whether on a music studio, mobile entertainment industry cart, or permanent installations, the Snap On Rack Panels applications are universal.
The Windbreaker is available for a variety of microphones:​
-Windbreaker (item #101 Black, #102 Grey) 205mm: Sennheiser  MKH416, MKH 60, Sanken CS3
-Windbreaker (item #103 Black, #104 Grey) 145mm: Schoeps CMIT 5U, DPA4017
-Windbreaker (item #105 Black, #106 Grey) 75mm: Sennheiser MKH 50,40,30 and Schoeps CMC series